Blue and White Motif

For the last several years I have been working on a new edition of a pottery design which was my major work in the 1970s, using a primarily cobalt slip to do a kind of calligraphic brushwork on top of a white glaze in the majolica style. This work is always done on an orangey or red body. (In the '70s I was working in stoneware and the clay had a lot of iron in it.)

For this claybody I have mixed the white clay I have been using exclusively in recent years with a red clay. I call this clay "half red". It has a lovely toasty orange color. And, of course, the foot is waxed so that the clay foot shows against the white glaze. So this work is not stilted, but fired on its feet as most other pottery is.

This work is more in the folkart vein than the other motifs I have been working in, and it lends itself more to working items for the kitchen as well as the table: sets of dishes, batter bowls, bowls of more varied sizes.

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