Glass Jewelry

Click on each image to get enlargements, dimensions, and price if you 'hover' the pointer over the thumbnail for a moment most browsers will display a 'tip' box showing the dimensions and price.

EXTRA MINI DANGLES — This is a new, smaller dangle. It is the same size as many of the post earrings, smaller than 3/8" square and a tiny bit larger than 5/16" square. Perfect size for young girls as well as women who prefer tiny dangles. The ear-wire is the same 21 gauge as the mini dangle. The bead is sometimes a 4mm, same as the mini dangle, or 3mm when I can find an appropriate one in the smaller size. $26.00:

MINI DANGLES — This smaller earring is coming in a variety of sizes around 1/2" h x 7/16" w. The earwire is 21 gauge. Most are $30:

SHORT DANGLES 3/4" h x 1/2" w x 1/2"d $38.00:

LONG DANGLES 1"H x 3/8"W x 1/4"D $38.00:

PENDANTS — dimensions and prices vary. All pendants are strung on lovely sterling snake chains. I add larger jumprings and clasp to the chain as purchased after the pendant is strung so it won't fly off the chain. Each pendant has 3 layers of dichroic on the top as well as the entire base layer of dichroic which gives the glass its deep sparkle.

EXTRA LONG DANGLES — dimensions and prices vary:

POSTS — The following glass posts run from $16 for small single glass to $24 for large triple glass.

The post finding is surgical steel. The glue is a crystal clear epoxy. The bullet clutch is easy to use and comfortable. On the large size I use a "comfort clutch" that has a plastic disc around the bullet clutch for extra support.

As with the dangle earrings, the contrast between the metallic dichroic surface on top of the glass and the glow of the metallic dichroic surface as seen through the glass is, along with the variety of metallics and colors, the palette that is used here to great advantage.

SINGLE LAYER POSTS — one layer of glass and usually about 3/16"- 1/4" diameter; $16.00:

DOUBLE LAYER POSTS — two layers of glass and usually about 1/4" - 5/16" diameter; $19.00:

TRIPLE LAYER POSTS — three layers of glass and usually about 5/16"- 3/8"diameter; $22.00:

LARGE TRIPLE LAYER POSTS — three layers of glass and usually about 7/16"-1/2" diameter; $24.00:

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